About Lauren Bennett Personal Training


Lauren is a highly skilled and knowledgeable Personal Trainer and recently qualified Osteopath (M.Ost), specialising in specific exercise rehabilitation post orthopaedic surgery or injury. She also trains those wishing to lose weight and tone up, as well as pre-event training for the keen athlete. Lauren has also trained ladies during pregnancy and post natal. No matter your reason for seeking a trainer, Lauren genuinely enjoys seeing all her clients improve and their smiles and happiness when the results begin to show.
As an active sports person, Lauren competed in the National Athletics finals for 100m and 4x100m relay team, also representing the county at Southern England Championships for Hockey and Showjumping. Lauren has since been involved in the development of sports products and sports wear as well as modelling and promoting Reebok (Ree-tone trainers) Adidas (Me, Myself Campaign) and Hugo Boss Tennis (Spain). She now enjoys writing articles and takes great pride in training her clients. Lauren has additional qualifications in Sports Science including sports therapy and massage, Personal Training level 3, Athletics coaching and Zumba, so you are in good hands! ‘I want to inspire confidence in people and help them to reach their absolute potential and feel nothing short of fantastic!’

Training Sessions

My training sessions vary from person to person day to day. No one person is the same, therefore neither are my workout programmes.

You will have a training plan designed specifically to your needs and your goals. This is after consultation session, fitness assessment aand body analysis. Lauren advise, assist and guide you, not make you do things you can’t or push you until you injure yourself. That is counter-productive. you’ll do specific training which will aim to get the most from your session, targeting the main muscle groups and working on areas specific to you. ‘I intend my sessions to be enjoyable as well as being planned and targeted, but will I ensure you sweat sufficiently and perform to the best of your ability, but still have leave feeling good’.

Why Train With Lauren?

With a background in studying rehabilitation, Sport Science, 15 years competing in sports and 10 years studying and working in within the fitness and health industry. Lauren takes great care in developing training programmes, which will not only result in better physique, but also a well balanced physique too. Making sure you are in tune with your body and how it is working.

She will then challenge you, teaching you to move your body in ways you didn’t know it could. If you have any health problems, Lauren will ensure you are fully benefiting from the exercise you are doing and seek guidance from where necessary. She also does massage therapy should you have any niggling or aching muscles. Lauren is required to undertake CPD and keep up to date with current trend in healthcare, training, sports medicine/nutrition and latest advances in rehabilitation and therapy. This in turn ensures you are getting the most current advice.

Lauren is very much a people person with a kind approach, you will have a trainer who makes it her priority to understand you and advise you based upon scientific and practical principle, but more like a friend who encourages you, supports and helps you as your trainer and health & fitness mentor.

Training Ethos

The human body is a fascinating machine and you only get one!

After centuries of study new research is always published and still the general consensus is that human body is designed to help you, if you help it. The more you exercise your body systems the more effectively they work, even while you are sleeping or sitting. But it’s also understanding when and how to give yourself the correct amount of rest and recovery to avoid injury and speed the healing process. I see the body as a structure and every person is different. Your body is excellent at adapting and subconsciously will find the easiest way to perform any task. Therefore over using some muscles and barely contracting weaker/damaged muscles at all. This is caused mainly by injury or bad posture. If you were to stand up right now, in a relaxed state, see if you are standing exactly straight, are your toes pointing at the same angle? Are your foot arches the same or are you standing flat footed or on the sides of your feet? Is one foot facing slightly further outward? This is just an example, but many training errors and injury are caused through bad posture and lack of awareness. Training correctly, will ensure you can keep training for longer, you’ll notice a change in posture as well a body shape. I can help you achieve this without even you even thinking about it (eventually). I train with emphasis on creating lean, strong muscles around a stable and secure core and frame. I also feel a lot of successful health and fitness comes from sustaining a healthy diet and mind set. Being healthy is total well-being as a whole and to reach that point, you’ll feel amazing!

Video Out-takes

Lauren Bennett training a client