Client Testimonials

George Flourentzos, Computer Gaming Programmer

“I started training with Lauren in order to rid myself of my bad posture, put on weight and tone up. She is an expert in Personal Training and uses her diverse skills and extensive knowledge in order to devise a specialized programs that maximise effectiveness based on my physical traits. She pays close attention to exercising correctly, in order to avoid long-term problems in the future.

Lauren has a warm personality and is a very interesting person; training has turned from being a recurring chore into a fun activity that I look forward to. She knows that training is all about muscle, she provides positive feedback and had given me the confidence to walk into the gym or onto the beach with my chin up.

Now I can stand straight, I enjoy not having neck or back pains and not only can I count how many abs I have, my friends can too –  from a distance! Thank you Lauren for changing my life for the better.”

John Brody, Venture Capitalist

“Lauren is by far one of the best trainers I have ever worked with. I came over from the US on a business exchange and despite previously being reasonably fit, quickly slipped into the corporate social lifestyle. After deciding to get back in shape and signing up for our company’s charity 10k run, I sought some help! You can tell Lauren is an athlete, she was brilliant  improving my running technique, posture and gait, I don’t just run better, I stand and sit better now too. I ran my best time for 10k and felt great doing it. Lauren made training enjoyable as well as identifying muscles when either needed strengthening or stretching, She did though make me work hard and focus on my race, in a good way she’s more like a friend than one of those sports coaches who yell at you! She is fantastic and highly recommended.”

Lexi Segar, Legal Secretary

“Lauren is everything one would ask for in a Personal Trainer. She is encouraging, inspirational, patient, extremely knowledgeable and supportive. Each session is different from the last and tailored to meet my requirements. This bespoke approach is hugely beneficial and highlights her knowledge of what muscles need to be focused on when. It’s not all monotonous lifting and jumping about. I would not hesitate to recommend Lauren, her training is a sure way to a healthier and happier lifestyle.”

Matthew Williams, IT Director

“Lauren is the consummate sports health professional, blending therapeutic and training skills from a variety of contexts to most effectively develop the wellbeing and abilities of her clients.  She works as well with the remedial as with the elite.  As one of the former, I found her adaptability particularly refreshing; there was no sense of a standard package.  My training programme was tailored to my needs and aspirations, and delivered with the flexibility to accommodate any changes.  Lauren understood when to push me and when to stop me hurting myself, and if I had an injury she was able to put it right.

“When I first got in touch with Lauren, I told her I was a fat 50 year old bloke who did a fair bit of exercise but which never seemed to make him any less fat.  I needed someone to make me do more effective workouts, and to make loud tutting noises about what I ate.  The end game was that I wanted to look like the model bloke on her  web-site.  And, obviously, to be 25 again.  Well, six months on I’m three stone lighter and fit all the clothes I bought when I was 35 which are happily now coming back into fashion.  Lauren is the best!

“But you know what? What I actually want to say is this: ‘Thank you, Lauren.  Just thank you.'”

Lauren Bennett