This programme is designed to assist you in recovering from orthopaedic surgery. Most clinics will offer physiotherapy sessions after your operation. However, if you wish to return to training and sports, then that is were we come in. The clinical rehab programme offers both osteopathy and personal training sessions to guide you through your ongoing rehab and back to the doing the things you enjoy. Having and Osteopath and trainer in one person means you have real time monitoring. We can assess how your body is responding to the training and adjust as necessary or dial up or back as required. You can use your sessions for either personal training for Osteopathy, therefore as your body goes through the phases of healing, repair and strengthening we can decided where therapy or exercise/movement is the best use of session time.

After surgery some patients feel apprehensive about returning to exercise and worry about damaging or re-injuring themselves, having a someone guiding you through this process can be reassuring and prevent further problems. Its also vital to build confidence in your body again and install positive feedback and joint mobility.

As you go through recovery naturally you will adopt protective (antalgic) postures. You’ll find that you lean forward or to the opposite side to recruit stronger muscles. For example, if you’ve had a knee arthroscopy you will lean and weight bear more on the opposite leg. This happens automatically, but unfortunately when you continue to move in this way, your normal/default movement patterns will be altered. It’s important to address this in addition to the rehab of your joint(s) to ensure you do not make long term changes to you gait, posture and proprioception (your awareness of where your body parts are in space/position and strength applied).

Recent evidence suggests that movement as soon as possible after surgery is more beneficial than remaining still. Its important to encourage circulation, blood flow and lymphatic drainage to aid the healing and proliferation process.

If you would like to discuss post-surgery rehab, prior to your operation please get in touch. If you have any imaging (MRI’s. X-rays) you’d like to share or specific notes from your surgeon you would like adhered I am happy to accommodate. Please ensure that your surgeon has confirmed that they are happy with your post op recovery and given the ‘OK’ for remedial exercise. If we have any concerns you will be referred as seen fit.