Yes, Osteopathy is regulated by the General Osteopathic Council UK. It is a recognised profession and the ‘Osteopath’ title is protected. All practitioners must be registered and must renew annually after showing evidence of completed Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Generally, osteopathy is not painful, however some techniques might be uncomfortable. It’s also not uncommon to be a little sore after treatment for 1 to 2 days, this is due to the physical nature of the treatment. Your practitioner will explain any outcomes to you and if you have any concerns please contact us for help.

Please bring anything with you which you feel might help your treatment, for example it helps if you have an extensive medical history for us to know what medicines you currently take and any recent changes to medicine. If you have any MRI reports or doctor’s letters regarding any ongoing investigations or treatments this is helpful.

Please wear comfortable shorts and/or sports bra or underwear you feel comfortable standing in as we need to examine your posture in order to reach a better diagnosis. Please say if you are not comfortable and we can work around your clothing as best we can.

Assessments and history take roughly half an hour, if you do happen to have a complicated case this may take longer, and treatment will be provided at your next visit.

You do not need a doctor referral to visit an Osteopath. Sometimes doctors will refer patients with lower back pain. Its worth noting here that if we have any health concerns outside of our scope as Osteopaths we will refer you back to your GP. In some cases an Osteopathy might refer you to another health professional or specialist in a particular field.

A £10 discount is available to students (must show valid NUS), senior citizens and key workers (Teachers, healthcare professionals, police, armed forces personnel and firefighters).

In cases where a patient is assessed but referred, a referral letter will be written and payment for only a 30 minute treatment is required £60.


Training sessions last 1 hour, please arrive before your appointment time.

Block bookings are available with discounts for more sessions purchased in advance. The minimum number of training sessions that can be purchased is 5.

Please bring sports kit that you can move easily in and well fitted trainers with support. Please do not wear jeans or loafers or plimsole type shoes as these are not good for the exercise we do.

How long you’ll need to train depends upon your goals. Some people have a specific event and that is the cut-off point, other people continue to train ongoing with new training goals set each time they achieve one. Its sensible to allow 6 months before an event to train as this means healthy, gradual weight loss/weight gain/muscle and strength development.

Most of my client’s train 2 – 3 times per week depending on their schedules.

People have busy lives and things happen so I allow 1 cancellation per block. Then every cancellation within 24 hours will still be charged.

Session will be honoured for 6 months after you have purchased them, then they will become void and you will not be refunded.


You do not need a referral, just you’re your doctors or surgeons approval that you can begin rehab. If you have been receiving physio already then this is fine.

It certainly helps if you can bring in any reports your have copies of, it’s easy for me to read your MRI report and saves you remembering everything on it! Don’t worry if you do not have these or if your surgery was a long time ago, we can still create a programme. If there’s any concerns I will happily write to your doctor or surgeon for any clarification.

As soon as your surgeon has decided that your procedure has been successful, and they are happy with you to begin remedial exercise and physio, we can start. You will often receive physio now as part of aftercare. If this is the case, it’s fine to start a training plan ongoing after your course of physio.

If there’s anything you can be doing at home which will be beneficial I will give you these exercises to do and change them as necessary.

Yes, in separate sessions you opt for the ‘Rehab Package’ and receive Osteopathy or training sessions as you need. In many case during rehab we will do manual therapy and remedial or corrective exercise. It depends entirely on you how you use these sessions.