Are you feeling aching and soreness from the gym or even working long hours? Do your muscles feel fatigued? Or do you have a niggling re-occurring injury? Sports massage might just be what you need.

Sports massage can alleviate pain occurring often after physical exertion. The name ‘Sports massage’ was given as the techniques where developed originally for sport people and athlete in heavy training programmes. However, in today’s society you do not need to be an athlete to benefit for sports massage therapy. Although many people are training incredibly hard in the gym and competing in athletic competitions on weekends, in addition to their day-job. Regardless of your lifestyle massage therapy has many great health benefits and as with all the treatments offered, techniques can be adapted to suit you as a patient.

Many people put great effort into work and training, but less people are taking care of their body’s with the same dedication. Sports massage should be an investment and therefore, at least once a month it’s recommended to relieve niggling tensions and minor soft tissue damage before it becomes chronic, aggravating pain.

Having regular sports massage can improve relaxation, increase your range of motion and mobility, reduce tension is the muscle, tendons and fascia (connective tissue), improve circulation and blood flow and decrease the build up of scar tissue and improve muscle quality.

Sports massage can also assist with lymphatic drainage, helping to remove toxins, bacteria, waste and cellular debris from the body’s tissues. Encouraging the flow of lymph throughout the body can reduce delayed onset muscle soreness and as part of the immune system and circulatory system, can promote overall wellbeing and prevent muscle fatigue. Unlike the circulatory system the lymphatic system does not have a pump and relies upon movement and can be assisted by manual therapy.

A general feeling of wellbeing following massage therapy is considered to be due to the release of endorphins which are released by the body. Endorphins improve mood, decrease anxiety and pain and increase positive feeling. The reduction in stress and tension can also promote relaxation by lowing resting heartrate. In turn reducing stress and tension can improve sleep quality.

You can book a sports massage online or by contacting us. If you are not sure whether Osteopathy or massage therapy would benefit you more, then please get in touch and we will find the right treatment for you.